Neglect of fraudulent advertising in Meta

What happened?

A large number of fraudulent advertisements are being sent out on social networking sites using celebrities without their permission. Many victims say that they thought they were safe because celebrities were on billboards.

Many of the victims say that they thought they were safe because of the celebrity billboards.

When his request to Meta to stop advertising was not accepted, Yusaku Maezawa, a prominent Japanese entrepreneur, decided to file a lawsuit against Meta.

Mr. Maezawa did not file the lawsuit suddenly, but decided to file it this time because he could not get satisfactory action after asking open questions on X and consulting with the appropriate parties.

Here is his X post

His X in English

Mr. Ajisawa, Representative of Facebook Japan


Open question to Mr. Ajizawa, President of Facebook Japan @masajis.

Your company’s fraudulent advertisements on Facebook and Instagram have become a major social issue.

Many people have been scammed and many celebrities have had their photos used without their permission in scam advertisements.

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Involving politics as well

Furthermore, Mr. Maezawa attended a joint study session of the LDP’s Headquarters for the Promotion of Digital Society and other organizations, where he explained the actual damage and called for tighter regulation of investment fraud advertising.

After the meeting, he told reporters, “Only the government can regulate platforms (such as Facebook). I would like to ask them to do so as soon as possible.

About Society and SNS

In this day and age when SNS have become a major foundation for daily life and information acquisition, it is necessary to address such as issue as a major social problem and take measures to deal with it.

Meta must be responsible for continuing to post advertisements of companies that use celebrities and engage in fraudulent activities without any penalties or screening.

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